Prevent dangerous molds from growing in your home during humid summer...

The warmer, more humid summer days create the perfect environment for mold to develop. According to national flex ducting manufacturer JP Lamborn, Co., antimicrobial air ducting is the only preventative solution to stop mold from growing in the most dangerous place in a home - the ventilation system.

Mold is a serious threat, especially during the summertime when warmer temperatures and humid days create the perfect environment for mold to develop.

According to the Center for Disease Control, there are more than 300,000 types of molds that can be found in virtually every environment, but thrive in warm and humid conditions.

"We've seen several thousand cases of mold exposure," said Dr. William J. Rea from the Environmental Health Center in Dallas. "They range from the real simple cases where you may get a runny nose or stuffed up nose when you get exposed to mold to the real severe cases where you get heart irregularities, bronchitis, or pneumonia."

Rea was a thoracic cardiovascular surgeon who decided to specialize in mold and environmental health after almost losing his son to severe asthma brought on by mold allergies.

"I realized how big a problem molds were in this world," Rea said. "Molds are every place and can cause any disease form."

Some of these dangerous toxins can be easy to find, but the non-obvious mold issues in hard-to-see places can cause long term problems and are hard to diagnose.

Jason Lamborn, Western Regional Sales Manager of JP Lamborn, Co. a national flexible air duct manufacturer, explains that air ducting isn't a common area for homeowners to inspect.

"The problem with air ducting is that you don't see it," Lamborn said. "It's something that's in the ceilings, it's in the walls. It's something you can't inspect for mold like you can your shower or below your sink."

Currently, there are only three solutions to mold in heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The first two are reactive solutions which include ridding contaminated systems through professional cleaning or replacement of air ducting by a state licensed mold remediation contractor.

The only proactive solution on the market is installing antimicrobial air ducting before mold develops.

"Naturally, it's hard to prevent mildew or mold growing anywhere. You have to control the environment and you have to control the humidity," Lamborn said. "As far as in HVAC application, you need materials that have antimicrobial technology to truly prevent growing."

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AMBlue II is an antimicrobial flexible air duct constructed with a distinctive inner core treated with natural silver to resist microbial growth. AMBlue II is an exclusive product offered by JP Lamborn, Co., in partnership with AgionĀ®, an international leader in antimicrobial products.

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